Speak, See Your Mistakes and Improve.

See all of your speech mistakes with OCTB's unique language learning method.

Learning By Doing

We believe that the best learning happens when a learner is engaged in the learning process. This is why we place significant emphasis on encouraging language learners to speak the language they are learning from day one, even if they are beginners.

Immediately after they speak, our trainers correct their mistakes right before their eyes. Our method not only allows learners to visualize their speech errors, but it also gives them continuous feedback on their performance.

OCTB Business English Activities Platform


By correcting each learner's mistakes, regardless of whether the training is individual or group format, our trainers explicitly and visually recognize each learner's individual needs. As a result, the activities, such as exercises and vocabulary, are specifically directed toward each learner.

OCTB Business English On The Go


Busy lives and hectic work schedules mean that your employees have less time than ever. This is why all of our training is offered online. Regardless of time or place, your company's employees can complete the training. Furthermore, our platform is 100% compatible with mobile phones, which allows learners to complete training activities exercises anywhere.

OCTB Business English On The Go

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